Tuesday, September 22, 2009

☐ Dear Scoundrel


Summer is finally over – w00t!
It's time to Follow-the-Yellow-Brick-Road & fix that Pothole!
Many may find the blistering cold hard to hold, but for the rest - (you know who you are), you question the origin-of-sex like a whiney little bitch.
From being the "MR.NICE-GUY" to having the "HOTS-for-TEACHER", an unfair "3-SOME" to a girlfriend who wants the "COOL-RIDER"...
Well, let your questions be answered in the monthly "Dear Scoundrel" columns, found in-between the pages of Penthouse magazine, located at your nearest newsstand. Don't just stick your head inside a centerfold - exercise your mind, while you exercise your eye. Little do you'll realize, girls are much easier to please than you think.
... just don't ask for your money back. =)