Sunday, March 29, 2009

☐ Dear Scoundrel : GONE VEGETARIAN


Would you dump your Hot Babe for a Hot Meal? Are you willing to give up all your favorite nourishments for HER nourishment? Which MEAT do you prefer? If your Klondike Bear decided to go strictly vegetarian, and all your hearty dishes was no longer served off the BBQ grill, nor between a bun, but found in the frozen section - would you really settle for an empty bed, in order to keep your tummy fed? In this month's April issue of Penthouse, an enquiry mind wanted to know> "Is your girlfriend of heart-ache worth giving up, simply because you want to gnaw on a spare rib?" Seek the advice in store for you!

– And Now> A Word From Our Sponsor:
'Hey, it could be worse - she could've gone Vegan!' ;)

Thursday, March 05, 2009



I don't just sit around and do nothing. I sit around and do nothing with OTHER people as well! [tho all quite the contrary]. but i DO find myself having nothing relative to post or report here as of late (other than pictures of Swiss Mountains & Ski slopes - none of which you can't find on flickr or google images)., so instead, i thought a few of the many looks for Nike 'Sports Apparel' in recent months would be a nice addition. Yeah yeah.. Nike had a bad reputation on child labor back in the days [Oh, such Hypocrisy this world breeds..] C'mon, they didn't just abuse small children in the far east, they abuse their own newborns in the backyard as well! Hey, at least they paid up.! So, for all you Kings on Procrastination: Don't just sit around and do nothing., Abuse Yourself Today!